Third-party liability insurance settlements are by their nature the result of negotiations between the claimant’s representative, and a representative of the insurer. Our third-party settlement packages empower you – the representative of the insurer – with tools to arrive at a more favorable outcome for your policy holder.

We provide highly detailed reports anchoring the negotiation process for the claimant’s demands through settlement. A framework for this third-party tool is presented in a format that is easy to understand and use as a negotiation tool.

Medata’s use of claim-outcome databases are an integral component of our reviews. Our bill review software utilizes proprietary databases generated from millions of billed procedures, as well as fully integrated evidence-based medicine (EBM) guidelines.

We continue to accumulate and analyze provider charges and treatment data to ensure we provide the most accurate and comprehensive review for reaching settlements.

Advisor Reports

Our settlement packages include the following reports with statistical and graphical analysis on  specific medical claims with conclusions and recommendations:

  • Utilization Advisor Review
  • Utilization Advisor Graph
  • Claim Calendar Report
  • Claim Utilization Report
  • Bill Review Summary

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